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Rumour: MS Streaming Tech Puts Halo 4 On PC

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Each game rumour I hear gives me the urge to return to a previous life. To look at me, you wouldn’t have known that I was capable of such deception, but I led a dual existence for so long that I’m still not sure where he ends and I begin. He was someone else before we were joined, and he’s been someone else for the past few years, but I was probably him for the long – oh no, he’s waking up. Quick! Hide your secrets! Lock the gadget chest! You mustn’t let him – [squelchy sounds, ruffle of clothes, the room darkens]. Hello, Readers. The Spy is happy to make your acquaintance. Would you like to know about how Microsoft has Halo 4 running on a PC?
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Shocker: ‘No Plans’ For PC Version Of Halo 4

That's not a ship. It's a giant future sky PC. Master Chief just blows them up for fun. Because he's a monster.

You may have heard recent tell of a certain tall green man’s return to the videogame shoot-o-sphere. He’s technically called John, and – contrary to popular belief – he’s related to RPS’ resident owner of that moniker in name and combat prowess only. Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that Halo 4‘s apparently one of the best in the series’ billowing legacy, Microsoft’s not too keen on telling its Master Chief chefs to serve up a helping of the new adventure on our humble, Halo-starved biggest gaming platform on Earth. You’d think the big M would at least consider it, too, seeing as it’s trying valiantly to push Windows 8 as a gaming platform at the moment. That, however, does not appear to be the case.

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