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I don’t tend to watch very much sport, but as I’ve learned in recent years this isn’t because I’m adverse to the concept. It seems I was very much born in the wrong country. I find foot-to-ball achingly tedious to watch, cricket ludicrously slow and uneventful, rugby okay but far less fun than I think it could be. Tennis is the closest I get, but I’ve drifted away from that in recent years.

Baseball is my sport. That’s the one that clicked for me. But exclusively taking place at 1am-5am it’s a difficult one to keep up with. And then along comes the Olympics. It turns out the Olympics is packed with sports I’d love to be watching the rest of the four years, and best of all, sports that I can have running on one screen while playing a game on another.

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HANDBALL! Oh Actually Sorry, That’s Allowed

Imagine a version but where you play with your feet.

Ask anyone in the street which sport is sorely underrepresented in PC gaming, and they reply, “Handball”. And then you’ll both stare at each other for a beat, and then burst out giggling. Because, see, “hand” and “ball” are both words used for common human anatomical parts, and when you put a “hand” near a “ball”, it can have a sexual connotation, and thus when the two words are closely situated there’s a degree of innuendo* that is inherently amusing. Handball. Snnnnnnnnorrrrrrrt.

Fortunately, that’s come to an end. Both the previous paragraph, and the lack of handball (snigger) games on PC. Because we have IHF Handball Challenge 12.

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