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Feature: What You Need To Know About Buying A Gaming Laptop

Hard choices: Gaming laptops, Part One

It's time to talk portable gaming. Not idiotic Angry-Birds-on-your-iPhone action, addictive as that may be, but proper performance laptops. Portable gaming PCs for real RPSers. Why? Some of you have asked for it. More importantly, it's got to be the trickiest PC-related purchase and one where there's little going back if you get it wrong. You're stuck with an ill-specified, largely non-upgradeable brick.In fact, the…

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Feature: Faster, Faster!

Hard choices: Considering CPU Overclocking

When the artist previously known as Fingers McMeer - and my former PC Format paymaster from the good old days - first mooted some contributions to RPS on the matter of hardware, I was struck by a single, sobering thought. For the love of science, please don't make me talk about overclocking. Here we are, then, talking about overclocking.And you know what? It's OK. Because…

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Feature: 3686400 Pixels Of Loving

Hard Choices: The £200/$300 2560×1440 27″ Monitor

It's true! Top-end monitors for the same price as any old stinky crap in PC World. Read on for details of what/where/how, but please keep in mind even as you tremble in raw excitement that there is A BIG RISK FACTOR. In a change from your irregularly-scheduled Guy Who Knows A Ton About Hardware, I'm afraid it's me. But I bring glad, intriguing tidings from…

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Feature: Four eyes good, two eyes better?

Hard Choices: Stereoscopic 3D

Our resident hardware dreamweaver/bubble-burster Jeremy returns with an examination into whether 3D glasses and 120Hz monitors are what PC gaming needs. For more Hard Choices - including the only answers you need on processors, graphics cards, hard drives, monitors and motherboards - please click here.I've got a hunch about stereoscopic 3D. I reckon it's on a 30-year cycle. According to the annals of history –…

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Feature: Which Graphics Card Should I Buy?

Hard choices: Graphics Card Update

Knocking out hardware guides for RPS has been heap good fun, thanks in no small part to the enthusiastic après-post banter. But it's also created a bit of a monster. Problem is, things move fast in ye olde world of tech and especially in graphics. It's been getting on for four months since our first perusal of the world's finest pixel pumpers.That's long enough for…

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Feature: Solid as a moderate-to-expensively priced rock

Hard choices: SSDs

With my last instalment deftly punting the dreary but essential matter of motherboards into touch, it's time to get back to something sexy. That's right, RPSers, solid state storage gives me trouser tentage. I love SSDs, and I'm here to tell you which three drives are the ones you should be pointing your wallet at.

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Feature: How I Met Your Motherboard

Hard Choices: Motherboards

With CPUs, GPUs and screens (x2) in the bag, it's time to put the RPS spotlight onto that most mysterious of PC components, the motherboard. By some metrics, mobos are pretty easy to pick these days. For starters, there aren't many chipset vendors to worry about. Only AMD and Intel are really left in the game. But Intel, in particular, has plenty of marketing tricks…

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Feature: The very finest in desktop real-estate

Hard Choices: The Only 4 Monitors You Should Buy

Hi gang. So, if you've read part one of our modern gaming monitor opus, you'll know at least two things. Firstly, there's no substitute for a good underlying LCD panel. And secondly, things are looking up for penniless gamers on the hunt for a solid screen on a tight budget. In this second and final part on monitors, I'll boil the current crop down to…

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Feature: Heed the Lessons of Laird before buying a new screen

Hard Choices: 8 Things You Should Know About Monitors

OK folks, we've done CPUs and graphics cards, now for my favourite subject of all, screens. I've long said a decent screen is the best investment you can make. Frankly, I've long been right. I've three 30-inchers of my own, two of which are about five years old. And with the exception of 120Hz support (see below), the game hasn't moved on dramatically. Any five-year-old…

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Feature: The only 4 graphics cards you need to even consider buying

Hard Choices: Graphics Cards

Hello, good morrow and, well, graphics. After my début – and let's be honest, definitive - dissertation on PC processors last month, this time around we're talking pixel pumpers. The bad news is that this instalment won't be nearly as neat as the first. With CPUs, I can point at the Intel Core i5 2500K and bark, “buy it”. Job done. Things are a lot…

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Feature: What hardware to buy? This hardware, that's what

Hard Choices: CPUs

We asked long-time Friend of RPS and tech know-it-all Jeremy Laird to write us a series of columns that would make hardware-buying the simplest of matters for even the most technophobic of our readers. A mere three months later, he got around to starting. So, here is his breakdown of what's going on in the world of processors right now, ultimately boiling down to the…

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