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Thar She Blows (Up): Harpooned 2009

So much stuff from one animal. It's a veritable barg.

Waking up to Radio 4 mentioning of whales – God knows why, I was barely awake – makes it an appropriate day to link to the 2009 edition of Harpooned: Japanese Cetacean Research Simulator. It’s basically Moby Dick meets 1942 as Creative Directed by Jonathan Swift. New features? Online scoreboards, capturing protestors and – er – being on the Mac. Man! The videogame incarnation of Comrade Hobbes and my “Japanese Whalers Research Investigates Crucial ‘How Many Whales Can We Catch Today’ Issue” proto-Onion gag, you can download it from here. Alternatively you can find Whales to hunt here (If you live near Maine). But remember – do it sneakily, as apparetly it’s a bit naughty. Footage and tangential music linkage beneath the cut…
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