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C.H.A.I.N. stitches 20 games into one horrific free collection

Halloween's over. The pumpkins are packed away, the witches hats back in the wardrobe, but that doesn't mean the scares should end, right? This weekend, the indie spooksters working under the Haunted PS1 movement released their latest compilation, C.H.A.I.N. - a compilation of 20 wildly varied haunt 'em ups from over 20 developers, Frankenstein'd together for free into a single winding narrative anthology.

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The Haunted PS1’s EEK3 event promises an E3 showcase from hell

Things might have quietened down after last week's not-E3 barrage of streams, but that doesn't mean we're quite out of videogame hell. Tonight, the folks at retro horror community Haunted PS1 are delivering their own "EEK3" showcase - lining up trailers for over 40 low-fidelity indie spook 'em ups, along with a dimly-lit digital convention centre to get lost in.

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Sample The Haunted PS1’s scares in this week’s free Demo Disk

Frequent shoppers will have noticed the store's gotten rather spooky of late. In the last year, it's become near-impossible to move for all the retro-styled spookers - lo-fi horror games with few polygons and even fewer pixels. That's largely down to the devils at The Haunted PS1, a community of indie necromancers fiendishly resurrecting the aesthetics of early PlayStation scares. Now, they're reviving another…

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