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Gracilevania: Heart Forth, Alicia

I think the title is an instruction – ‘Let your heart go forth, Alicia!’. A bit like ‘Chin up, Alicia’, ‘Put your best foot forward, Alicia’ or ‘Flying elbow drop, Alicia!’. The game behind the instruction is a gorgeous Metroidvania sort of thing, starring a warrior-wizard lady with a whip and a collection of spells. The graphics aren’t ‘retro’ simply in the sense that they look dated. Take a look at the video, being sure not to turn off the sound during the odd voiceover, and you’ll see a side-scroller that looks and sounds as lovely as many nineties console greats. Alicia’s heart has led her to Kickstarter, of course, and with 29 days left to go there’s already just shy of $15,000 in the bank. $45,000 more to go.

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