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Hearts Of Iron III: For The Video Diary

Hearts Of Iron III: For The Motherland is the second expansion for all-encompassing wargame, Hearts Of Iron III, and it’s “coming soon”. What it does is basically fill out an already complex wargame with even more details. There are now new strategic resources in the game, as well as partisan factions, internal politics and coups. But you need not take my word for it, because lead designer Chris King totally explains it up in a new video diary, which you can see below.
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HoI III: For The Motherland Is Taking Shape

RPS' plans for a full European invasion take shape.

Details on Paradox’s second expansion for historical heavyweight Hearts of Iron III (the first being Semper Fi) are starting to emerge, like flares fired high over the endless battlefield that is everyday life. Entitled For The Motherland, the expansion will focus on the Soviet Union and the Eastern front of the war. You can watch a 7 minute interview with game designer Chris King after the jump. Because I am a lovely, I’ve also summarised what he’s promising from the expansion in easily digestible bullet points.
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