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Vampire: Bloodlines – Heather and Me

[This is an extended version of something I wrote for PCG. Well… I didn’t write it for PCG. I wrote it for myself after something had moved me in the flawed-but-oft-magnificent Vampire: Bloodlines and I sold a cut down version of it to PCG months later, as it’s spoiler central. It’s very much my personal experience with a memorable section…]

“Power Corrupts” has never been true. In my experience, Power Seduces. “Corrupt” implies it’s akin to sprinkling a little shit in an otherwise immaculate meal. The problem with power is that it just makes everything better. And when someone’s staring up at you, saying you’re the best person in the world and they’d do anything – anything – you ask, could you say no?

I thought I could. I was wrong.
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