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I Hope To High Heaven That Heaven’s Hope Is Good

Growing up, I always dreamed that I’d one day be able to live a life of adventure. Flash forward many years and – boom – several trillion point-and-click adventures. This isn’t really what I had in mind when I was a starry-eyed tyke, but you know what? It’ll do. While Telltale and Double Fine do things up with big-ish-budget panache, hundreds of smaller developers skitter about, nimble ideas prancing with quirk. Case in point: Heaven’s Hope. It’s about a fallen angel in a very literal sense – he took a nasty plummet during his final test at the stunt flying academy – who ends up in a dreary 19th century town overrun by the Spanish Inquisition. How’s that for a setup? It looks gorgeously stylized, too. Fall from these glorious frontpage heavens to the harrowing break-lands below for a trailer.

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