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Bad Lieutenant: Hector Badge of Carnage

I was going to make a Zombie Cow comparison, but then I remembered that I don't know for sure that Hector's a good game so that might have been offensive. Wotta dilemma!

Bad cops, bad cops! Whatcha gonna do when they… No, I don’t know any more words. I should just stop this spurious introduction right now. Except I can’t. I’m trapped in my own cliche. Help me. Help me.

Ah, that’s better. So: attention, fans of leftfield point and click adventure games. While Hector: Badge of Carnage may be published/distributed by Telltale, it isn’t part of their curiously unchanging formula. It’s a satirical, foul-mouthed and resolutely 2D game starring a bad-intentioned copper, made by a couple of chaps from Northern Ireland, and it allows you to indulge yourself with sociopathic delights such as “hit a tramp with a crowbar, steal a young man’s trousers, kick a heroin addict into a cardboard box, enter a porn shop without embarrassment, carry a designer handbag… all in the name of justice.” It’s a British game too (well, Northern Irish), and on this day of ULTIMATE BRITISHNESS you should show your respect for those posh goons who are all over the telly today by playing this.
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