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Walden, A Game: hummingbird spying as Henry David Thoreau

Hummingbird from Walden, A Game

My relationship with Walden – Henry David Thoreau’s book about his experiences living at Walden Pond – is, as it has always been, complicated. And by “complicated” I mean “I know that there are sentiments in this book which are important to some people and have been influential and are potentially interesting especially as a respite/alternative to capitalist, tech-centric living right now but GOODNESS ME THOREAU JUST SHUT THE HELL UP YOU BORING, SANCTIMONIOUS, JUDGEMENTAL BUTTOCK.” The latest development has been the release of Walden, A Game [official site] in early July. My thoughts still haven’t quite settled with regard to the USC Game Innovation Lab’s game BUT I realised we never told you it was out. It’s out! Read the rest of this entry »