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Heroes Of Might & Magic 3 HD Released, Problems Abound

The list of games that have caused me sleepless nights (because I didn't go to bed) or hindered my ability to get anything done (because I was playing them) is not a short list, but somewhere near the top is New World Computing's indisputable classic* Heroes of Might & Magic III.News of an official HD re-release was therefore exciting, though my family, friends and colleagues may have…

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HD Wizards: Heroes Of Might & Magic III HD Announced

In my hypothetical Gaming Made Me, playing hotseat Heroes of Might & Magic would be the moment where I discovered multiplayer. HoMM 2, maybe. Then I discovered I could shoot faces in multiplayer, and scampered off in that direction. I haven't played a HoMM in yonks (and hear rough things about recent games), is the point, so I'm glad to see Ubisoft rework one of…

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HOMMage: Might & Magic Heroes VII Announced

What would you want in a new Might & Magic Heroes game? (Or a new Heroes of Might & Magic, if you prefer the old name.) When a series is 19 years old, would you rather an exciting new direction, a return to the early days, more of the same, or some sort of mish-mash of two decades' best bits? Recent games in the fantasy…

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Feature: VI: Magic & Heroes of Might

Wot I Think: Might & Magic Heroes VI

I've spent the last week, on and off, peering at the latest in the Heroes of Might and Magic series. These are some words that express how I feel about this videogame. Disclaimer, I guess: I don’t think I’ve ever played a Heroes of Might & Magic game before, somehow. Maybe a demo in the 90s? I dunno. There you go, anyway: I am writing…

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Feature: HoMM is where the heart is

Bountiful: Might & Magic Heroes VI Preview

The series formerly known as Heroes of Might & Magic returns, with a confusingly rearranged name, to a post-King's Bounty landscape. Without access to publishers' long and tedious spreadsheets, I of course couldn't begin to guess whether 1C's good-natured, wilfully silly turn-based strategy/semi-roleplaying game presents any kind of financial threat to HoMM. KB's certainly made hay during HoMM's six-year absence, however. Now daddy's coming back…

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