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Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This: Sticks & Starships Trailer

Sure, throw in Final Fantasy, why not.

Sometimes a game project seems too ambitious to post. How could this possibly ever be made? But then, there is a trailer, and there are screenshots, and it is nice to dream from time to time. Sticks & Starships has all the buzzwords du jour: it’s open-world, procedurally generated, about exploration and building, and uses voxels. It also pairs that Minecraft-y/Starbound-y core with a Civilization-style march through the history technological progress, as players begin with primitive tools (like Sticks) and build towards larger and more complicated machinery (like Starships).

So that’s No Man’s Sky meets Minecraft meets Civilization. Easy enough for its two-man indie team to produce? Stranger things have happened. The trailer below gives some reason to hope.

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