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The 10 Commandments Of DLC

Watching our first Dragon Age: Awakening thread spiral into something huge (though Awakenings itself is more like a traditional expansion than DLC per se), it’s pretty clear that there’s still a great mistrust of downloadable content, even when it comes from a respected developer. Disproportionate at times, perhaps, but there is good reason for it – it’s something that we’ve definitely been let down down by a fair few times. Everyone wants to spend more time with a game they’ve really enjoyed, but lacklustre paid-for bonus content can actively diminish our fondness for a title. We like to believe we’re given hand-crafted adventures, made with love just for us, but when we’re given something that feels cynical or sub-par, that bubble bursts. It becomes harder to trust the game and its creators. It shouldn’t be like that – so allow me to be your half-crazed, unforgiving street preacher.
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