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Survive the horrors of hidden roles in Project Winter

In this winter of our discontent, one question burns brighter than any other. Has Harry poisoned the tea? That's the kind of question I hope to be asking in Project Winter, an upcoming multiplayer social survival game where some players play traitors to a gang of stranded survivors. It's billed to enter early access in early 2019, and has already set my mind a-scheming.

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Feature: That's exactly what a spy would say.

Hidden role games let me be sneaky in ways that video games can’t

I'm a big fan of being sneaky. I don't mean being sneaky in a 'creep up behind people and put a knife behind their shoulder blades' kind of way. Stealth in video games can be fun, sure, but the joy there lies in gaining mastery over a system rather than, well, people. I'm talking about the kind of sneakiness that revolves around putting on a…

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