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The Hide & Seek Festival: Social Gaming UK

I’m sitting outside the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank. I’m drinking. A woman’s just come up to our table and is talking to – well, it’s hard to tell if it’s us or the voices in her head, but she’s insistent. She knows someone’s after her. She knows it’s the Lovers or the Dancers, those montague and capulet-esque Natural enemies. The problem being, she’s got no idea yet whether she’s a lover or a dancer. Shit – she gasps, spinning around – There’s one of them near. She doesn’t know where. She smiles! She’s gained a life. She’s now got thirteen. Ah – this is wonderful.

So much so usual sitting on the South Bank drinking. But it’s a little different. The lady isn’t an insane person communicating with her inner demons. She’s playing a game as part of the Hide & Seek festival, which is happening this weekend in London. I’m attending the opening ceremony. It is a fun time.
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