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Scrounge Lizards: Hoard Impressions

Arcade dragon management game Hoard has been lurking on Steam for the better part of a week. Maybe you've seen it. Maybe you imagine that it's been looking at you, the words "Buy me" riding its smoky breath like surfers balanced on a wave of deadly lava. For the sake of your sanity I've therefore played Hoard, so as to tell you if it's worth…

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(Trea)Sure Fire Hit: Hoard Coming To PC

Mm! Reader Lars "Best" Westergren writes to inform us that Playstation Network strategy title Hoard will be available for purchase on Steam on April 4th, according to Destructoid. This one sounds cute- a sort of negatively charged RTS where you prevent the human settlements around your hoard from developing by attacking wagons, burning farms, snatching princesses and generally brutalising settlers, all while trying to let…

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