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XCOM meets FTL at sea in tactical RPG Depth Of Extinction, setting sail today

XCOM's high-stakes combat and FTL's risky exploration combine with a little bit of Waterworld in HOF Studios's Depth Of Extinction, a strategic RPG with some roguelike bits released today. I've been playing a preview build of this over the past few days, and while I remain resolutely rubbish at it thanks to my eternally awful risk-management skills, I think this is well worth a peek. Below,…

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Tactical seafaring roguelike RPG Depth Of Extinction rises from the depths soon

Take XCOM's squad combat, mash it up with a post-apocalyptic roguelike, add a dash of FTL and you've got something that looks a lot like HOF Studios's Depth Of Extinction. Due for launch "soon" - possibly even this month - this one has flown just under my radar. Not too surprising, given that it's set partially underwater. Maybe we need to install sonar here, too? Players…

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