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Speedfreak: Goscurry Is Simple, Rhythmic Excellence

Also, sometimes it's pink!

Goscurry is kind of weird. It’s merciless – ruthless, even, sometimes – but bizarrely relaxing. Think Audiosurf, only it pretends to hate you in an attempt to mask an un-abiding desire to tell you all its secrets. And of course, it expresses those nuanced feelings through the medium of deliciously smooth beats. Oh, and also the tops of buildings. I am not explaining this well. Basically, you pilot a ship down a track so thin that it inspires this sick sense of dread in the pit of your stomach, but it’s all automatic and you only make turns (using the arrow keys) at right angles. In addition, gaps, barriers, and different barriers pop up, forcing you to rapidly jump, dodge, and shift direction – also via the arrow keys. If you fail (and you will, a lot), the game just randomly generates a new track. And while the action doesn’t sync up one-to-one with the music, the act of playing is exceedingly rhythmic. It just feels really, really, really good. If you need more convincing, there’s a trailer after the break, but oh jeez play this now. It is happiness in a tiny rocketship.

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