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Five alternative Halloween treats


So you’re on the lookout for an Interactive Horror Experience™ to play this Halloween week, huh? But you’re not a fan of action horror; you’d rather you weren’t holding a gun in your shaking fingers. Or perhaps you prefer your horror games to be something a little more unusual. Something a little outside the box. But you don’t want comedy horror! You still want to be genuinely unsettled, disturbed even, but the likes of Resident Evil 7 and The Evil Within aren’t quite right for you. Well that’s fine. That’s okay. Gather round, kiddies, because boy do I have some cool Halloween week recommendations for you which (mostly) fit outside the box of traditional horror games. They’re all recent, all available right now, and even if you’re a fan of all things fearsome, there should be at least a couple of surprises.

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Interior (Game) Design

I’ve spent all day sitting around waiting for a courier to deliver secret documents to my house. Instead of doing something constructive, like playing Gears Of War, I’ve spent hours clicking through Wikipedia and reading about the Polish-Lithuanian War. It’s a fun time. What I’ve also been doing is downloading demos and indie games and silently judging them. One of these was the hour long Home Sweet Home demo. It’s a game about interior design. I played it.

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