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Painkiller: Resurrection Demo. No, Really.

Man, that's not a very good screenshot. I'll tell you why, but it'll bore you. Okay - I'll tell you anyway. Basically, gamespress watermarks its shots, charging you to download them without them. Which is fine. I tried to download one, but the actual system is broken. I go to the actual site, and all of the shots are terrible without any actual enemies in shot - impressive marketing fail, randomly. So I have to go to gamespress and crop a relatively interesting bit of the image out to use. So now you know. Happy now? HAPPY?
After the furore last time when they released a version of the demo which wasn’t a version of the demo, a proper 1.2 Gig demo thingy is available. As the video which follows shows, it remains very much Painkiller. Watching it myself, I’m reminded of exactly how much I didn’t like the original and how constantly amazed I am when people can’t tell the difference between it and Serious Sam. Also, how a review of it of mine had its score bumped up without anyone asking me about it. But hey! My name wasn’t on it, so at least there’s no blood on my hands.
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Angels & Demo(n)s: Painkiller: Resurrection

Ah-ha! I can totally use that demo-n line this time, because Painkiller: Resurrection is about killing grotesque horrors and stuff in the afterlife. Are they demons? I don’t know, but they don’t seem friendly. But anyway, the new game is based on the overhauled tech of the original (with some interesting post-processing effects, but the looks of it) and once against sees you running about with a shotgun, shooting hordes of horrors and generally making a nuisance of yourself. Apparently there’s a co-op multiplayer mode featured in the full game, too. The demo is 1.3gb, it’s here and here, and I’ve posted the trailer below, just for good measure. The game is out on October 27th.
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