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Fabulous Massles: ME3 Will Have Man Love

Ah, that's good penetration.

Mass Effect 3 executive producer Casey Hudson has revealed in a tweet that ME3 will feature same-sex romances for both female and male Commander Shepards. Previous games in the series only offered girl-on-girl sex scenes for the stated reason that “if you’re picturing a PG-13 action movie, that’s how we’re trying to design it.” Which, if it’s true, is a comparatively innocent reason for the noninclusion of male homosexuality. Less innocent reasons might include the fear of tarnishing the game’s macho figurehead, but ANYWAY! Let’s all assume Shepherd was neck-deep in the closet for those first two games and move on. Thanks to Gay Gamer for the news.

So long as we’re talking ME3, PC Gamer have spent the last few days leaking a variety of details from a long interview of their own with Casey Hudson. I’ve assembled a bullet point list of the important info after the jump.
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Tall-Nut: Here Comes My Man

We have all played Plants vs Zombies by now. And we all have a favourite plant, right? Maybe it’s the triple pea plant. Maybe it’s the sweetcorn catapult that lobs hunks of ghoul-paralysing butter. Maybe it’s the impressively apocalyptic Jalapeño pepper. For me, there is no question. Tall-nut is my super-unit, the answer to all my problems, the nemesis of all zombies. My one true love.

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