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A Real Tree-t: How To Be A Tree Looks Amazing

I hate being presumptuous, but I never really thought there was much to being a tree. Stand in one spot for (possibly) hundreds of years, absorb nutritious, delicious sun and water, play host to all sorts of scurrying furballs - it seemed like a pretty cushy gig. How To Be A Tree, however, suggests that I was devastatingly incorrect. Sometimes trees get shot at by…

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Feature: Who Logs The Loggers?

DevLog Watch: Trees, Religions, Spaceships

GIFs aren't only the internet's favourite medium for sharing slapstick animals. They're also a tool for democratising promotion and marketing. Can't afford the time or money necessary to edit together a slick trailer? Don't worry, a three-second GIF may better convey what's smart, cool and interesting about your game. Or if your game doesn't have animation just write really long posts detailing the making of…

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