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Howard Phillips Lovecar splutters out of early access

What a grotesque little thing Howard Phillips Lovecar is. Think naval combat by way of cultists and automobiles, where you drive around squishing never-ending waves of eldritch beings. There's a simple upgrade system, but that's pretty much it - if you're looking for your next Odyssey-sized timesink, this isn't it.If you're looking for something to chuck £2 at and go 'eurgh...hmm...this is quite fun', then…

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Feature: Our pick of the new releases

Unknown Pleasures: the best of Steam’s rest this week

Welcome back to Unknown Pleasures, our weekly selection of the 10 best under-reported new games on Steam - all of which have been released within the past seven days. If you find yourself paralysed by choice about what to buy or play, please allow me to be your unparalyser. This week: Lovecraft on wheels, Life Is Strange, Inside and Superhot homages and the bizarre world…

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Feature: The best free games of the week

Free Loaders: Ghosts vs Autocomplete

It’s almost Easter, a holiday which is all about a dead man getting out of his pit and sauntering around like there’s nothing wrong. Well, we have another ghostly tale for you this week in our round-up of free games. A first-person horror story so spine-chilling that you won’t feel comfortable while alone in your own apartment for years to come. A fear so instinctive…

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