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The Lengest Journey: Mountains Of Madness

Danforth breaks some ribs all the time - he's a man's man, he'll be fine

When I noticed that Big Fish had released a Mountains of Madness game I was immediately apoplectic with rage. I gnashed my teeth and raged at anyone who would listen, clamouring about the disgraceful behaviour of reducing my favourite Lovecraft tale into a series of loosely connected scenes in which the only challenge is to click on a random smattering of household detritus stuck in a snowdrift. Then I tried the demo, which allows an hour of play in what sources inform me is approximately a three hour game. Were sixty minutes enough to change my baseless opinion?

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Things Man Was Not Meant To Click At

Being big fans of unnecessarily obscure adjectives and overworked prose, clearly, we’ve got a lot of time for Lovecraft’s Cthulloid mythos. Not such a big fan of his Racism , of course. Anyway, news arrives that Zoetrope’s Lovecraft-inspired adventure game Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder has a 150Mb Demo released (Or approximately 6.6 recurring Necronomicons). And it looks a bit like this.

Booze and a mask. All good games should feature it.

Sexy masks, lovely booze and (er) newspaper. Now, normally we’d set Walker – the master at both point AND click – at this type of thing, but since Jim had just brought me a tea, we figured we’d have a crack. Impressions follow.

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