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Human Orbit: Look At What I Did, Dave

As quotable as 2001: A Space Odyssey‘s HAL is, he’s not a character whose shoes – erm, digital footprint – many games have allowed us to fill. Human Orbit promises to change this, enabling us to finally live out our ambitions of being an all-seeing, all-interfering artificial intelligence aboard a space station filled to the brim with squishy fleshbags.

A new trailer for the game has been released, and although it’s classic pre-alpha footage – jerky, unashamed of its typos and not exactly showing off in terms of visual fidelity – it’s a tasty little teaser for how the game might ultimately be played.

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AI Interference: Space Social Sim Human Orbit

No, those are statues, you daft pattern recognition algorithm. The humans are the small ones.

If any AI researchers reading RPS need a human mind to digitise and put in control of a space station, I humbly volunteer. I would be a good caretaker AI. I’m responsible about turning lights off. Each day with me in charge brings a new fun holiday with its own mandatory customs. Yes, I would fake work orders to put plants and fountains everywhere, but people would like that. I label deadly laser grids clearly. And I’d only read your e-mail because I care.

Should our readers prove disappointments, I suppose I’ll make do with playing Human Orbit when it comes out, a “sci-fi social simulator” with the promise of “procedurally-generated storytelling.”

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