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Inversus Deluxe adds bots to the monochrome multiplayer shooter

The original release of Inversus [official site], the debut game from Hypersect, was a relatively quiet affair. While well-reviewed it seems that it got a little bit lost in the deluge of smaller-scale multiplayer releases of the time. With its relaunch as Inversus Deluxe, we hope the appeal of its monochromatic tactical arcade combat will reach a larger audience, especially now the game features some…

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Inversus Is Two-Tone Tiled Turmoil

Behind the monochromatic minimalist facade of Inversus [official site] lies a complex, fast-paced and quick-witted strategy game. Inspired thematically and aesthetically by the ancient Chinese board game Go, Inversus pits you against another player locally, or against AI in arcade mode, with the aim of claiming sections of the board as your own by surrounding your opponent's area with your colour. It's out next year…

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