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Dracula: Origin demo

I'd point and click her, etc, etc. Er... Irony, yeah? Don't dump me, girlfriend, who I know reads all these alt-txt jokes.

The 600Mb-and-a-bit Dracula: Origin Demo attracts my attention this morning on Gamers Hell, if only because of a splendid title line: “Can you imagine what it feels to be an immortal vampire, to love and hate eternally?”. Well, we’re not sure about the immortal vampire bit, but Alec especialy is well up to speed on the hate eternally thing. Not so sure about the love, as it sounds like it may involve hand holding and smelly girls, and we despise all forms of human intimacy. Anyway – haven’t had a chance to play the point and click adventure yet, but there’s a trailer out beneath the cut, along with one of those second-by-second breakdown things.
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