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Racy: Ex-Stig And The Crowd-Sourcing Portal

Racing! Made by you. Possibly.
The chaps from Slightly Mad Studios (Need For Speed Shift, Shift 2) got in touch to let us know about their latest project, which is ambitious and then ambitious again. They’re making a new racing game called “Community Assisted Racing Simulation” or C.A.R.S. for short, and they’re doing it with a full-on crowd-sourcing and crowd-funding portal, World Of Mass Development. Their plan is to prove that the concept of getting the wider gaming community to help out actually developing games is workable by doing it with their next racing game, and they’ll be opening it up to other projects at the same time. Yours, maybe. They’ve even got the man who was Stig on Top Gear, Ben Collins, to help out for some reason.

I spoke to Slight Mad’s Ian Bell about the project in more detail below, and he explains where they idea came from and where he hopes it is going to. You can also check out the site here.
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