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How CCP Are Inspired By Iceland

A man being inspired by Iceland LIVE!

Monday mornings are for posting nine-month-old videos that most people haven’t seen before but for which one person will loudly point out that he knew about it aaaaaages ago. This time it’s a fantastic interview with a few members of the team at CCP, talking about how Eve Online is inspired by Iceland – the country in which the company began. The similarities drawn between Iceland’s extraordinary and dangerous scenery, and Eve’s stretches of space, are very interesting. It left me wondering how many other developers can speak so eloquently about their geographical inspirations, and determined to find out the next time I interview anyone. This is part of a series of videos created by the Icelandic tourist board – Inspired By Iceland – to promote their phenomenally expensive/beautiful country to the rest of the jealous world. A campaign which also includes excellent dancing, so that’s below too.

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Mid-Atlantic Jamboree

Hello you. It’s been a while. That’s because my early November has been as rudely busy as ever, and this year I had to juggle numerous game-related activities, and still find time to go to The North America for a holiday. And by holiday I mean a week-long shopping spree. Man, that weak dollar is ace. Except when you get paid in dollars. Mmm.

Anyway, what I missed out on (other than suckling at the grand info-teat of Mother Internet) was the one game-convention fan-festival thing I’ve ever gone to out of my own free will (and still enjoyed): The Eve Online Fanfest in Reykjavik. My own thoughts on this particular event (the 2006 iteration) will soon be immortalised in the dead-tree tradition via a “book”, set to be published by DigitalCultureBooks in 2008. That’s a project that I’ll talk much more about closer to the time of lift-off. Others meanwhile did attend the 2007 Fanfest and came away with many different impressions of their own, including this lengthy interview-feature on Gamasutra.
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