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The Repopulation is about to get repopulated

Have I ever told you about The Repopulation? *you shake your head, gently, afraid*  The Repopulation [official site] was a science fiction MMO that always smiled. Back in the halcyon days of 2013 it was even considered handsome, rugged, intriguing. It appealed to all those searching for a new Star Wars Galaxies, along with offering en vogue base-building and player-run factions. It swanned into the spotlight, promising a return to the “social aspects” and grand scale of older MMOs like Ultima Online. *Puts on gloves*  But after just one year in early access it began to decay. The two developers – Idea Fabrik and Above and Beyond – had a disagreement over royalties, you see. The servers were shut down, leaving its players out in the cold. And ever since, The Repopulation has been lying in its sarcophagus, quiet, peaceful, and mummified.

Until now.
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