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Talk To The Monsters, Issue 1

If only you could talk to the monsters. Now that would be something. So, why not ask our resident agony aunt-monster Ian Cacodemon for advice and tips on anything you need help with? Ian awaits your queries on Twitter here or via email here, and will post selected replies on RPS on a regular basis. He can’t reply to everything, as his wife Mrs Sharon Cacodemon often forgets to print out all the tweets in the size 142 font Ian requires in order for words to be legible to his middle-aged monocular vision, but he’ll do his best to be useful.

Here are a few examples of Ian’s advice so far. He’s a very nice cacodemon as cacodemons go, but get on the wrong side of him and he’ll devour your immortal soul. Also, he’s very busy on Thursdays because Sharon likes a hand with the housework then.
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Id to Revive Little Known Franchise

Official logo. No, really.

Id Software have announced they’re at work on a fourth version of Doom
. You may not be aware of Doom – it’s a relatively minor PC piece of obscura which is only rarely talked about, but it’s to Id’s credit that they’re willing to follow this very peripheral piece of PC history. Among its many unusual ideas, Doom is played from the first person perspective and allows you to shoot monsters. While claimed by aficionados to provide a more immersive experience, it’s never really caught on. Maybe it will now, eh? They’re currently recruiting staff for the project, including a Lead Designer, so it’s clearly early days. We wish Id the best of luck in the Sisyphean task of bringing this curio to a marketplace that often shies away from innovative thinking.