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Detectiveland leads IFComp 2016 winners list


Emily Short has been picking out gems from the 2016 IFComp (the annual interactive fiction competition) as part of her IF Only column so you might well have already played the winners BUT! the official final rankings for the contest have now been released. So, drumroll…

Detectiveland by Robin Johnson got the top ranking – it’s a noir setting with a number of different cases to solve (one is called A Study In Squid). It turns out I’ve not played any of the top three so I’ll put an excerpt from Emily’s assessment for each of them instead of rushing through them now. Read the rest of this entry »

Saturday Afternoon Reading: The IFComp Winners

Dad, look, just use the ice wand.

Right, five o’clock. Early Saturday afternoon. You’ve watched your cartoons, you’ve had your walk – haven’t you? – and a nice big lunch, so it’s time to settle down for a spot of reading. I say this as someone you trust to guide your personal development, of course. You’ll draw today’s reading material from IFComp, the interactive fiction competition, as it wrapped up this week and winners were declared – presenting a recommended reading list.

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Storyseeking: Interactive Fiction Competition

It's the thing
I’ve been taking a look at some of the games in the 17th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition and though I’m not going to refer to these as “the cream of the crop”, having not harvested the entire crop yet, they should fulfill a variety of your text-based needs. With storytelling in games high on the agenda today, it’s a particularly interesting moment to look at the different ways narrative can be explored through interactive prose. Far from fetch quests and attempts to second-guess a limited vocabulary, interactive fiction at its best can allow a reader-player to discover stories in all kinds of interesting ways. This way to words about words.

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