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Vampire: The Masquerade – Coteries of New York takes a bite of the Big Apple

Information on that other Vampire the Masquerade game, Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York, is running down the neck of RPS, beckoning you in to suck on the lifeblood, to become one with the master of death, to give over and be what he wants, what he needs… [Hi, Craig’s doctor, here. Craig got a bit too deep into this and we’ve put…

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Feature: Object impermenance

The Joy of Serial Cleaner’s utter silliness

Chores are not supposed to be enjoyable. At home, stacks of unwashed bowls, cups and cutlery flood the sink, with the occasional fly fluttering about in search of a morsel. It’s only when I run out of clean plates that I wearily make my way there, caterwauling as I wash the dishes out of sheer necessity. But when staring at the bloodshed of Serial Cleaner,…

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Feature: What Mr. Wolf Did In 1971

Serial Cleaner review

I don't like it when I don't know if I like something or not. After this many years of wibbling about games, I feel as though my Iron Hammer Of Judgement should be absolute. With 70s-styled stealth puzzle game Serial Cleaner [official site], though, I am confounded. Time and again, I fire it up and my brain clearly tells me "yeah, I really dig this",…

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Serial Cleaner crosses over with Alien and Suspiria

Stealthy crimescene cleanup game Serial Cleaner will leave early access next week and, it turns out, have cheeky bonus levels. While the game stars a cleaner (in the criminal sense) sneaking around murder scenes to remove bodies, blood, and other evidence, it'll go a little fancier with bonus levels inspired by unlikely movies. Alien, Star Wars, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Suspiria are among…

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Stealthily Clean Murder Scenes In Serial Cleaner

Clean up scenes of bloody murder? Been there, done that, won the Employee of the Month award. But unlike Viscera Cleanup Detail, the goreswabber in the newly-announced Serial Cleaner [official site] is not meant to be there at all. Sneaking around the scenes of bloody murders, the cleaner needs to dispose of bodies, hide blood stains, and clear out murder weapons and other evidence. Serial…

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Feature: Seeing Red

Impressions: Red Game Without A Great Name

Yes, the name's insufferable. Red Game Without A Great Name [official site] is as wince-inducing as those tits at the pub quiz who call themselves "The Team In The Corner!". But let's forgive it that and look at the game itself - it's an original mechanic in a side-scrolling game! Goodness me. But does it work?You play a creepy mechanical bird delivering mail, who automatically…

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