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The IGF Awards: The Movie

Or, at least, "the recording of the entire ceremony, and the Games Developers Choice awards too!" Gamespot got same cameras up at the show last night, and thus have a full recording of the likes of Notch and the Desktop Dungeons dudes picking up their well-deserved awards. Also, Nidhogg cosplay and a creepy stage invasion from Team Meat. As silky-bearded IGF bossman Brandon Boyer observes,…

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Indie Rock: 2011 IGF Winners Announced

The Independent Games Festival has announced its winners for 2011, plucked from this very list of finalists. Of the ten categories, seven games took home prizes (not to mention prize money), including some games you've probably played and two you most likely haven't. Now, who do you think took home both the Grand Prize and the Audience Award? Go on. You'll never guess. It's crazy.…

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IGF Audience Award Voting Open!

So yes, the audience awards for this year's Independent Game Festival Awards are up, and you can vote, right here. Minecraft seems like a fair bet for the winner of this particular award, of course, but maybe, just maybe, that rabid Amnesia community will pull it together and give that game the big thumbs up it deserves. Can anyone else suggest a contender?

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INDIE STRONG: IGF Finalists Announced

The contenders for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize are: Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Desktop Dungeons, Minecraft, Nidhogg, SpyParty. Quite the headline-making set. In fact, is that the best group of games in the final so far? Maybe, but it's certainly heavy on the 3D this year, which feels oddly out of place. The full list of nominees for the various categories can be browsed here.…

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So Yeah, IGF Nuovo Award Stuff

Ah. I had intended to post this on Monday. And look it's Wednesday already! How did that happen? I cannot even begin to hazard a guess. Anyway, having announced the finalists for their "Nuovo" (aka innovation) award, which is intended to "honor abstract, shortform, and unconventional game development which advances the medium and the way we think about games", the IGF jury types have issues…

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Independent Hyper-Biff: IGF Entrants 2011

Crikey, the Independent Game Festival has received four hundred entries, according to yesterday's announcement. They're all listed just here. This, the thirteenth year for the competition, has some real crackers in the line up, including Amnesia, Hecker's Spy Party, as well as some of the games we got excited about at the recent EG Expo, such as Skulls Of The Shogun. And then there's Minecraft.…

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