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The Bleeding Edge: Experimental Gameplay Workshop

This is what all good experiments look like.

One of the annual highlights of GDC is the Experimental Gameplay Workshop (EGW). Although not a workshop, and featuring the nonsense word “gameplay” in its title, it’s an excellent afternoon of developers showing a big crowd some of their more esoteric ideas. I’ve never been in a room where excellent game mechanics receive a delighted round of applause before. Below is a summary of what was shown.

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The Competition: The Story Behind The IGF’s Critics

“There’s no plans to bring Fez out on any other platforms?” I ask Phil Fish, as he finishes off his sandwich. He chews and I mutter an inward prayer. Oh Gods, let him say PC. “We’re not even thinking about it right now,” he says. “I mean, ultimately, I would like to see it on everything. Why not? But we do have exclusivity with Microsoft, as you do – you find it’s really hard to not do that.”

The Gods are useless. Never pray.
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You Are Democracy: IGF Audience Award

independent game developers fought for your right to vote

You there! You enjoy an independent game from time to time, don’t you? I can tell by the way you walk, chin forward, face to the front, heels to the rear. It’s the kind of sensible approach to ambulation that befits a voyager in the wilder realms of the land called Game. You’ll be pleased to hear that the voting for the IGF 2012 Audience Award is now open, meaning you can pop over to the site, download any entrant that has a publicly available build and then vote for your favourite. In the meantime you can also familiarise yourself with the main event finalists in this fine series of word-speaks.

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They Could Be Heroes: IGF 2012 Finalists

Who's that guy?

Aaaaand hot off the presses is the rather long list of exciting finalists for this year’s exciting Independent Games Festival. A truly corking selection of indie games here, and a chance to take bets, guesstimations and wild speculations on what might go home with a gong or two. They haven’t nominated my game, I note. Maybe I should have actually made one.
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Digging For Gold: The 2012 IGF Pirate Kart

That is how I look after playing this many games. Like a dead person.

My brain aches with the pulsing throb of a piece of think-meat that has been sorely overtaxed in the last 36 hours. It’s not that I’ve been contemplating the great mysteries of our time, I’ve just been playing an awful lot of computer games. Nearly 300. You see, I wanted to take a proper look at the Pirate Kart and I was ploughing through the list quite happily, finding plenty that I only had to spend a minute with and others that I knew I’d be writing about. But then, as if I were a character plucked from the mind of Hermann Hesse, I was struck by the scale of the task at hand and a deep sense of angst overwhelmed me. My faithful manservant DuPont administered smelling salts and brandy, and hours later I dictated this madness to him.

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This Is Indie: The 300 Game Pirate Kart

Revolution in 1.3GB

Adam’s planning a longer post on the IGF Pirate Kart‘s multifarious and hopefully delightful content, but the download was taking ages and he had to go drinking with Lewie P (thus, the Northern England contingent of RPS represents). Mr Smith will hopefully be your more expansive guide tomorrow, but in the meantime it seems only right and just to at least advise you of this wondrous (and free!) indie compilation’s existence so that you might investigate its 300-game contents for yourself.

Every game The majority of games in it were made in 48 hours or less, with involvement open to anyone, and as part of a noble attempt to restore some of the wildness that perhaps has been lost from the most excellent annual event that is the Independent Game Festival in the wake of indie’s growing mainstream awareness and acceptance.
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