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It will blow you away: IGN buys Humble Bundle

This week in gaming has seemingly saved its biggest surprise for last. Humble Bundle, the charity-funding bundle organiser/publisher/online store, today announced that it has been bought by IGN. You know, that video game and movie site. Yup. Weird. Humble say they'll business will continue as usual, or even better than usual thanks to the resources and help of the Ian Games Network (who are owned…

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IGN To Give Free Office Space To Indie Devs

In a move industry spokespeople are calling "literally quite nice", IGN Entertainment, the company whose portfolio of sites includes GameSpy, GameStats and- yes! IGN, is going to offer six months of free office space beside its editorial staff in IGN San Francisco to independent game developers. IGN will get no subsequent stake in either the developers themselves nor the games they make, though presumably the…

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Edgy: Eyes-On With Brink

As Jim prophesied, so it has come to pass. Yes, I come here to link to a preview of Brink I wrote for another website. To whit, IGN UK, and specifically here. If, hypothetically speaking, I had written the piece in an incredible hurry because I'd stupidly but hypothetically forgotten what day the embargo lifted on, you might hypothetically be able to tell. Hmm. Here's…

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When Managing Football Isn’t Enough

Update: As mentioned below, IGN have since removed the review, and replaced it with an apology.I'm not a fan of watching football. It's true to say I'd rather spend the afternoon glueing broken glass, rusting shards of pipe, twisted scraps of rebar and smallpox-laced barbed wire all over my front garden, then bellyflop onto the impromptu sculpture from the roof of my house. So Football…

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Left 4 Dead RPS Review Face-Off

You'd have thought with RPS' extensive Left 4 Dead coverage, we'd have written all pallid, unattractive men could stand to hammer about zombies tearing flesh. And normally you'd be right. But you forgot about the most potent power-up. Money. Lots of Money. And if there's one thing that RPS is good at, it's selling our God-given-lack-of talent for a few tiny coins to spend on…

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