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Pipwick Papers: Pip’s last Supporter Post

The Pipwick Papers

As a final supporter post for RPS before I depart, I found myself going back through the archive of stuff I’ve written for this site. At first I was seeking inspiration, going back through old posts in case there was something I wanted to follow up on. But then I started finding things I’d forgotten writing – the conversations with interesting people who make games, the minutes dedicated to atrocious Photoshopping for news articles, the games I’d said I was looking forward to when I started and which still haven’t come out three years later so they’ve become comfy, mythical future companions… and the many conversations with ALL of my talented colleagues, but PARTICULARLY the partnership with Alice.

I’ve collated some of my favourites – favourite people, favourite stories, favourite memories – below the jump – it’s a lovely feeling that there are so many :) Read the rest of this entry »

Imagine Dragons. Go on. Imagine them.

Imagine Dragons

Sometimes I don’t think we make the most of being a blog and thus less formal than our online counterparts. I mean, I was thinking about it today and there’s… nothing stopping me from writing a news story just to announce that Warriors by Imagine Dragons is still out there and I’m still listening to it and that it’s still the pinnacle of League of Legends’ transmedia pro gaming metanarrative output. Read the rest of this entry »