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A Games Journalism Journalism Game

Wall Street is a clear motif, decrying the greed at the heart of videogame journalism

If you want to be posted, you can always play to the heaving ego. Even the Masochistic Heaving Ego. Karl Adamson – creator of the best version of Sonic the Hedgehog in years – does that with Imagine: Embittered Videogame Journalist, which takes a back-to-the-1970s Life-on-Mars/Ashes-to-ashes approach, bouncing between decades to show Karl’s disgust with the fall of modern games journalism. It is, of course, not a very good satire, both on the factual (there were nothing we’d recognise as game reviewers in the 1970s and if they were, they wouldn’t be referencing Commando) and the conceptual (As if anyone’s ever listened to me) levels, but it’s a bit of a giggle and involves throwing big handfuls of faeces at my noggin, which is always a plus. You can get it from here. It also reminded me of my half-started attempts at similar…
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