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The Lighthouse Customer: In Verbis Virtus


Each Monday, Chris Livingston visits an early access game and reports back with stories about whatever he finds inside. This week, yelling spells (and other things) in In Verbis Virtus.

I’ve been talking to a video game all day. It’s okay, I’m supposed to: the game requires me to cast spells by saying magic words into a microphone. I’ve found that having to talk to a game has resulted in me talking a lot in general, though. “Ah-ha!” I yell when finding something. “Nice try,” I say to a statue hiding a secret rune. “YEAH! TELEKINESIS!” I bellowed at one point. I was using telekinesis. It excited me. I won’t apologize.
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Voice Casts: In Verbis Virtus

What's the 'heel' command?
I am Glaswegian, so I’ve been born with -10 on my Voice Recognition stat. It’s an affliction that has led to humiliation on the phone to banks, at Kinect parties (in my defense, I was told it was going to be an orgy), and in front of Siri and her smug chums. Despite this torment, I downloaded the In Verbis Virtus demo and prepared for the worst. It’s fantasy puzzle game where the majority of the commands are uttered instead of clicked. I was surprised as anyone when I said “Let There Be Light” and a glow lit up the surrounding area.
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