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Wot I Think: All Walls Must Fall


Bullets tear across a sweating dancefloor, heaving with bodies. Flashes of metal and flesh, lights pulsing and skittering across glistening bodies. All Walls Must Fall’s nightclub shoot-outs are a devilish dream, capturing at once the brilliance of Terminator’s Tech Noir horror and the actual punk in cyberpunk. I just wish there was more to the game than a thousand murders on the dancefloor.

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Quirky time-travelling nightclub-crawling tactical RPG All Walls Must Fall busts out of early access today

All Walls Must Fall

We’ve covered All Walls Must Fall quite a bit over the past few months, and it’s easy to understand why. Starting out veiled in mystery, this bizarre cyberpunk music-synced fusion of tactical gunfights and conversational infiltration does a lot to stand out.¬† It has evolved to a surprising degree during its time in Early Access, with developers Inbetweengames bolting on major new features with practiced confidence.

Befitting the name, All Walls Must Fall has burst forth from its confines and into the dazzling moonlight, fresh from the dance-floor and ready to launch. Within, we’ve got the cheekily named ‘coming out’ launch trailer. While earlier marketing may have coyly weaved around the central environment type of the game (gay nightclubs heaving with scantily clad men), this one goes all-in,¬†leaving very little to the imagination.

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All Walls Must Fall busts out of early access next week

All Walls Must Fall-cropped

After infiltrating early access last August, the slightly conceptually overwhelming All Walls Must Fall is finally ready to break out and release for real. That’s the tactical tech-noir cyberpunk time travel game set in an alternate-history Berlin nightclub, in case you’d somehow forgotten. Dominic reported on it favourably in the past but here’s reminder: you have one night to prevent a nuclear attack. If you can tear yourself away from the dancefloor, that is. During its early access gestation period, the isometric tactics game has bolted on daily challenges, RPG elements, and various other doodads, so much so that developers inbetweengames now reckon it’s ready to be unleashed to the wider world.

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Cold War Tech-Noir: All Walls Must Fall

All Walls Must Fall [official site] is the first commercial release from inbetweengames, the indie studio founded by former members of Yager, developers of Spec Ops: The Line. It’s a “tech-noir tactics game” set in Berlin 2089. This is a Berlin still divided by a wall and a world where the Cold War never ended. To navigate its perils and its nightlife, you’ll use a combination of social stealth, time travel and combat. It looks delicious, like a propaganda-powered, post-Syndicate dream.

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