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Cardboard Children – Incursion

Hello youse,

All y’all know that I’m a big fan of Space Hulk, right? Well, I wanted to tell you about a game called INCURSION. I have the first edition of the game, and a new edition had a successful Kickstarter last year. The game hasn’t gone out to backers yet, but I kinda like what I’ve seen of that Kickstarter campaign. Only the backers will receive the game, and the creators aren’t making much money from it at all. They’re just shipping a beautiful version of their game to people who supported it. They’re shipping later than expected, but they’ve been keeping people updated with everything that’s happening. It all just seems pretty decent between backer and creator, which is good going in the Kickstarter world, to be honest.

It’s a game that seems to be heavily inspired by Space Hulk, but it’s like… far cheaper. It’s not as good, I’ll say that right up front. But it’s VERY solid, a lot of fun, and much cheaper to track down than old Space Hulk is. You will be able to find the first edition of Incursion for a reasonable price. So read on.

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