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Faster Than A Silver Bullet: Infinity Runner

What a strange screenshot. I thought Infinity Runner was a game about hubris. Humans, over-reaching as ever, build a spaceship so big that it falls over. The player character is a prisoner who must escape from the ship, fleeing in first-person, dodging security systems and enemies while leaping and performing funky futuristic parkour.

That all sounds good. I was wrong about the hubris bit though. The size of the spaceship isn’t the problem – the werewolf is the problem, carving through the crew as if they were pillars of Pedigree Chum. I didn’t know about the werewolf until it popped its snout into the launch trailer below.

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Forever Run: Infinity Runner Passes The Post In June

* Ed's note: the game does actually have a fixed end.

Doddering old fools that we are, sometimes here at RPS we miss games when they’re announced. Perhaps we were busy shouting at the television, or simply enjoying a nap to escape the bright afternoon light. That’s okay. First-person sprinters are always of interest, no matter how late we come across them.

Master Reboot developers Wales Interactive last month announced Infinity Runner, a run ’em up with a chap dashing about to escape a collapsing spaceship. So we decrepit folks might better imagine we’ve tossed our walking sticks aside, it has an Oculus Rift mode too, and multiplayer so we can pretend we’re out with our friends again.

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