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On The Hunt For Infinity

“Whatever happened to Infinity?” is a question that regularly pops up in the comment threads and forums posts about adventurous space games. A few years ago, Infinity teased audiences with the promise of the next generation’s Elite. The grand plan was seamless space travel: solar systems, space stations, all the way down to the planet’s surface were going to be rendered, viewable from your cockpit as you flew by. Way back in 2006, they released a combat prototype, and in 2010 there was a pair of videos showing off the engine’s capabilities that still take my breath away. Most people suggested the game was too ambitious, that populating the game’s planets with flora and fauna and cities with missions, was too much. As it turns out, they were right, but it doesn’t mean Infinity isn’t coming out. The team have a plan, and it involves Kickstarter and a combat game called Infinity: Battlescape.
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Finite Time: Infinity Footage

A whole bunch of people have mailed this in to me or to the RPS address, each one mentioning how Infinity had been forgotten, neglected, or otherwise ignored by everyone else. So perhaps it’s the case that there’s actually a lot of people following this, it’s just that it’s been teetering into the realms of vapourware for so long that no one really dares tp say much about it. The most recent offering was the combat prototype, which didn’t detail the really impressive stuff, such as planetfall or Infinity’s proposed sandbox. Could this latest offering do a bit more to excite? It’s a long slice of footage from a recent tech demo, which Infinity’s creator talks about in detail here. In short, the videos posted below are the most recent footage from the all-encompassing persistent-world space opus that we hope one day will make it to the PC. It’s lavish-looking: startling decents from orbital space to a planet’s surface and back again. If just for the reality of landscape tech, you’re going to want to take a look at this.
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Monday Space Shot

Afternoon, Internet. You know, it barely matters whether galaxy-spanning sim Infinity ends up being the space game to end all space games, or whether it’s just vapourware. As long as they keep turning out incredible images, like the planets-from-space in this recent devblog, I will be happy. Seriously, go and have a look at the galleries and tell me that the game you extrapolate from those images isn’t a thing of wonder – whether representative of the real thing, or otherwise…

Thanks to Tom for reminding us that Infinity exists.