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Tales Of Tehran: 1979 Revolution – Black Friday Out Now

I’ve had my eye on 1979 Revolution: Black Friday [official site] for a long time. The game, which covers the Iranian Revolution of 1979 from the perspective of a photojournalist returning to the country after studies abroad, looks absolutely fascinating. It’s not a part of history I’m overly familiar with and while I wouldn’t want all of my learning to come from games, I’m extremely happy when they do expose me to new facts and ideas. 1979 Revolution is out now.

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Tales Of Tehran: 1979 Revolution – Black Friday

It is by some terrible coincidence that I am posting news of this Kickstarter campaign on the other Black Friday. As the other half of the title suggests, this isn’t a game about reduced prices and the terrifying reactions of people to those prices – this is a game about the Iranian Revolution. More specifically, it’s the first episode of a longer project, approximately two hours long and covering the events of September 8, when a failed curfew and the declaration of martial law brought death to the streets of Tehran. Using a “real photos, recordings and intelligence” and placing the player in the role of a photojournalist, the developers hope to explore the historical setting through meticulous recreations and “suspenseful and engaging gameplay”.

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