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Height Fantastic: Hover’s Trailer Is All Over The Place

But in a good way! Titanfall’s wall-running and super-fun leaping is the second best thing about Repawn’s multiplayer game. Being able to watch others do it is my favourite thing about it: seeing them curve across gaps, leaping like leapy things, and dancing across levels. I love it. I love that moment at the very beginning of a level, when your small group peels off in different directions to a chorus of jet blasts and then vanish into the twisty death warrens. So the new trailer for Hover: Revolt of Gamer looks very compelling to my eyes, even if it is a little bit neon and flashy: that thrill of leaping around with friends will always draw me in.
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InMomentum Patch Improves Multiplayer, Tweaks Lots

Bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy.

Abstract free running game In Momentum continues to keep up its promise of releasing new free content, this time adding “universal plug and play multiplayer”, as requested by many players. Also in the patch is a slew of new bug fixes and tweaks, again in response to player feedback. That includes improving weapons, targeting and scoring. There’s a walkthrough video below that will explain it all.

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InMomentum Patches In New Maps, And A GhooOOooost

B..b..b..but it's haunted!

InMomentum, the runny-jumpy leap-em-up from Digital Arrow, is getting its first major patch. Which brings me to the realisation that “runny” isn’t a good word to describe a game. Ew. However, it does mean the game is getting a bunch of new content, maps, as well as tweaks and improvements.

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Again With The Indie Bundles

That scene in Brazil where Robert De Niro gets crushed by paperwork? That’s me right now, except with press releases about pay-what-you-want indie game bundles. I can see why, as it’s a way of getting gamers’ attention without having to go anywhere near a publisher, but I worry about buyer fatigue (and blogger fatigue too). Anyway! That’s probably my hangover and resultant grumpiness talking. I shall instead attempt to celebrate the latest bundle, The Indie Gala.

Included: the lovely InMomentum, the agreeably stupid Zombie Shooter 2, puzzle platformer Saira, scribbly puzzler Your Doodles Are Bugged and the Uplinky Hacker Evolution: Duality.
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Wot I Think: InMomentum


Digital Arrow’s free-running racing/jumping game arrived on Steam earlier this week. We sent our least suitable candidate to try and master its high-speed abstract world – and he failed. But he can at least tell you what he made of it.

Haha, I am really bad at this.Really bad. I’m the kind of guy who, when making a model aeroplane as a child, pretty much just mashed everything into one ball of plastic and glue then optimistically stuck a wing on either side, so I am so very poorly suited to a game as exacting of control as Digital Arrow’s first-person racer/platformer InMomentum. I can feel improvement and tell how I would attain more of it, but it would take me years of training to break this game’s back. On the other hand, my cack-handedness means those momentd where I do get it right, where my hands somehow tap out the right actions and the right time and my addled takes note of what’s approaching then forms plans on how to tackle it, are all the more glorious. InMomentum is built to reward getting it right, and not in the torrent of numbers and messages about unlocks that have come to characterise so many contemporary games, but in flinging you sky-high at rapid speed as a world of cuboid colours floods the screen beneath you. You have done well, and you know it.
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Jump To Attention: InMomentum Out Now

Ooh, a person!

One of those games that really captured RPS’s attention during its development, InMomentum, is now out. It’s up on Steam for a very decent £5.59 – a price that includes all future DLC by the way. Project lead, Norbert Varga, explained to us, “We don’t sell DLC. That’s not how we roll.”

You can see the game’s launch trailer below.

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InMomentum InTransition To Unreal 3 Engine

Coo, it's even prettier now.

Interesting news for InMomentum, the splendid esoteric free running platform… thing. They’ve just been approved by Epic to move over to the Unreal 3 engine. The game, currently in beta, was previously using the Unreal Development Kit. But now they say they’re able to do a lot more, with a more flexible engine and greater polish. As project lead Norbert Varga explains to us, after praising UDK, “Ever since we started working with UE3, things started to work a lot better.” But there’s a lot more going on in the colourful geometric world, too.

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Bounce Bounce: InMomentum Trailer, Beta

I wish static shots could do this game justice.

After a short delay, the InMomentum beta is officially starting today. 25 of our lucky subscribers already received keys to access the game, and they’ll be joined by anyone who previously signed up for the beta starting later tonight. (It could take up to 48 hours for all the keys to reach people.) To celebrate the news, there’s a lovely new trailer for the game which you can see first on RPS.

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Leap This Way: InMomentum Beta Is On

This is what real life should look like.

Edit: Unbelievably, Digital Arrow’s beta sign up page was just the victim of a flood attack, and 200 sign ups were lost. If you signed up in the last hour or two, you might want to fill in the form again.

Edit again: The computer whizzes have managed to recover all lost entries. There’s now no need to resubmit.

In Momentum, the really splendid jumpy-bouncy game from indies Digital Arrow, has just begun its multiplayer beta. Lots has changed since I last had my hands on code, with a new HUD, difficulty levels, and rebalancing of the movement. And if you want to experience it for yourself (Windows users only) – and I think you ought – head over here and apply. The twenty testers Digital Arrow deem to have been the most helpful in this process will receive a free copy of the game. And make sure to read our preview of what we think could be a smash.

Hands On: InMomentum

So there will be the inevitable Minecraft mod.

I think this one is going to be big. If you’ve heard of indie developers, Digital Arrow, it’s likely because of their forthcoming Unigine RPG, Dilogus. Less known is another project, InMomentum. InMomentum is a free-running game that plays on first-person jumping. It’s a freeform platformer that lets you feel extraordinary. This is something special.

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