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Rack ‘Em Up: Inquisitor RPG Enters Closed Beta

Crikey, it’s been a while since we mentioned Inquisitor. In 2009, Kieron questioned whether it could be a contender for The Witcher, the old-school RPG certainly pressing on similar buttons. Ten years in development then, and three years in translation since, they’re now in an English language closed beta. It seems like time to remind ourselves this exists.

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Nobody Expects It: Inquisitor

Hey! Guys! I'm up here! Let me d... oh, you're fighting. I'll wait.

This burst into my consciousness on Monday via a Qt3 thread noting that it looks an interesting Baldur’s Gate/Savage-esque RPG with some rather amusing English on the webpage (“100 km of tortuous corridors”). That’s been fixed now, alas. Anyway – it’s 10 years in the making. It promises an enormous 1500 page script. You actually play as an inquisitor. It’s also from Central Europe – Czech this time. And… well, it does sound rather like it’s the best candidate for a new Witcher in some time. Fingers crossed, eh? You’ll find its trailer below…
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