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Insert Subtitle Here: Insert Title Here

When you stare into the void, etc.

Insert Title Here‘s a very bizarre game. It’s also a bit annoying – in part because it repeatedly prattles on about how it’s not sure if it even is a game, like an insecure teenager who’s trying way, way, way too hard to cover up the fact that they’re completely uncomfortable in their own acne-ridden skin. But in the 20-or-so-minute first-person thing‘s better moments, it’s so effortlessly strange that I didn’t care. In short, it positions itself as an “experiment,” sending you on an oddly stifling stroll through a variety of themed rooms to see how you – the player – will react. Sometimes, it gets super meta. Other times, it asks you to evaluate yourself as a human being. There are a couple potentially problematic moments, but I appreciated it for the patently uncomfortable state of mind it put me in.

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