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Looks Fantastic, Plays Fantastic: Interloper

Oh jeez, oh jeez. I was far more excited about Interloper than I let on in my first glance back in September. For those that missed that, it's a gorgeous 2D RTS that evokes Hearthstone in how it breaks down the genre to its simplest form. Games are won through capturing territory with an unarmed but invulnerable Sentinal. Some areas have structures in them with…

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A Faster, Simpler RTS: Interloper

Anything can catch my eye while browsing for new games. A gorgeous art style, my preferred theme of sci-fi, genres rarer in indie circles, the list of things that take my fancy is as numerous as it is seemingly random. Sometimes a game will hit all of these, like Interloper. It's a strategy game that wants to last no more than five minutes per match.…

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