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An interview with Fantasy Flight about their new video games studio


Fantasy Flight are a behemoth in the board gaming world. If you’ve ever dipped a toe into the cardboard realm, then there’s a high chance you’ll have played something that they’ve been involved with. From Twilight Imperium through to Arkham Horror, Cosmic Encounter and Android: Netrunner, as well as miniatures games such as Star Wars: Armada and X-Wing, Fantasy Flight have a fairly comprehensive handle on tabletop gaming. While they’ve released digital versions of their games in the past, those releases have mostly either been companion apps, or conversions of existing games onto tablets.

Last week, they announced that they’re launching Fantasy Flight Interactive: a new studio that’s solely dedicated to video games. It’s headed up by Tim Gerritsen, the ex-Irrational studio director and Human Head CEO who’s worked on Bioshock: Infinite, Rune and the 2006 version of Prey. I spoke to him about the make up of the new team, what kind of games the studio is hoping to create, and when we’ll see the first fruit of their labours.

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Former Civ IV Lead On Strategy’s Future, Making Another Civ

Once upon a time, Soren Johnson was the main brain behind Civilization IV. Now he has a mohawk. An indie mohawk. Also, he’s making a game about managing a crazy intricate (yet disarmingly accessible) economy on Mars. Last time around we talked about how a Mars economy simulator even works, boardgames, and the current state of strategy gaming, and today we continue that discussion with the future of strategy (and its alleged “death”), MOBAs, the advantages and disadvantages of working at a company like Firaxis, whether or not Johnson will ever make a game on the scale of Civilization ever again, and why Johnson is *glad* that big publishers aren’t paying attention to strategy games. It’s all below. 

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